Did you know that there are mesothelioma survivors – people who were given a dire prognosis of less than a year to live – who lived many years and sometimes decades after being diagnosed? What do they all have in common? What treatments did they use? What can you learn from their experiences? The Mesothelioma Alliance, an alliance of mesothelioma survivors, is here to help answer those questions.

Inspired by mesothelioma survivors Paul Kraus and Rhio O’Connor, we have spoken to hundreds of mesothelioma patients over the years, identified individuals who have survived more than five years, and have gained the benefit of their knowledge. Now, we can share these insights with you so you can learn about aspects of this cancer that spell hope.

Under the leadership of Abby Palmer, MS you can access an enormous living resource of knowledge, experience, and insight from mesothelioma patients who have walked in your shoes. Call 1-619-261-7922 to speak with Abby. She is ready to help you and there is absolutely no cost for this free service.