About Us

Abby Palmer, MSW
Abby Palmer, MSW is a medical social worker with nearly 30 years of experience helping patients with cancer and other life threatening conditions. She has helped many mesothelioma patients over the years find the latest cutting-edge treatments for mesothelioma provided by various doctors throughout the U.S. She can provide information on doctors who specialize in treating mesothelioma, the latest therapies, clinicians who use alternative and integrative modalities, the newest diagnostic tests and much more. Call Abby at 1-619-261-7922. She is not a doctor and does not provide medical advice.

The Mesothelioma Alliance is a division of Cancer Monthly and was formed under the leadership of Paul Kraus (16 year peritoneal mesothelioma survivor), and Rhio O’Connor (7 year pleural mesothelioma survivor).